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Ibanez SA160FM Electric Guitar

Ibanez SA series have earned its own space in the competing market and thus assures the manufacturers to enhance the models as per the trend in the freakily growing industry. The new arrival of the SA series is SA160FM Electric Guitar. The transparent gray burst finish has brought the instrument a bold and stylish look. The arch on the top is perfect for a sophisticated appearance. Ibanez SA160FM is a versatile and highly playable electric guitar looks comfortable and sounds as it has to be.


The SA160FM series, the successful SA patterns arrives once again with newly added features and slightly better and brighter looks. The body is of mahogany and its top is improved greater than before with rounded and carefully carved top is perfectly matched with the headstock. This body is equipped with bolt-on 3 piece maple neck which is suitable for the fast playing guitarists. The usual SA series have been much improved and that is of course appreciable. This model is for right-handed people. They have simultaneously launched left-handed model as well. Normally all the SA series are designed for players who want their S model comfort which combines lightweight but at the same time with heavier mahogany tones and would be friendlier if it has a flattened back. Overall design suggests that it is designed with serious attention on the market expectation and meeting the players comfort.

Frets and Pickups:

Fret board has some 22 numbers of Medium sized frets. There is uniqueness in talking about the pickups in this instrument that is, this is first introducing model with True-Duo pickups in a dual humbucker configuration. Other than that SAT Pro II Bridge is standard for all the SA series which easily makes simple yet powerful and effectual guitars of any given musical situation. Generally, SAT Pro II provides smooth surface for players who are right-handed. The SSH pickup configuration and synchronized tremolo system is being the reason for extended and outstanding range of tones.

Sound Quality:

It sounds majestically as always experienced in Ibanez. We could feel the home-bound advancements once we plug in the instrument. The butter coated playing experience can never be missed and the tone of the timbers, the result of mahogany and maple combination just rocks and makes the coil not producing sound but music like singing.


The transparent gray burst SA160FM electric guitar looks good and sounds absolutely good but bit expensive comparing some of the rivals competing with the same features. Pickups are sure for what players are looking for, adding some fastness and spiciness in playing. This model is enough for daring on road shows and studio shows where we are left with this one single electric equipment.

Guitar Specification Details:

Manufacturer Ibanez
Guitar Series SA160FM
Guitar Type Electric Guitar
Body Mahogany Body & Flamed Maple Top
Bridge SAT Pro II
Colour Transparent Gray Burst
Neck Bolt-on
Neck Material 3 Piece SA Maple Neck
Frets Medium Frets
No. of Frets 22
Hardware Chrome
Controls Volume, Tone, 5-way Pickup selector
Features Left Handed Model also available
Better Sound Quality
Solid Design

Yamaha Pacifica 012 Electric Guitar

Yamaha is a largest manufacturer in the field of musical instruments industry ranging from pianos, violins, brass instruments and the products list is such a lengthy one. This is an entry-level model of electric guitar which of course packed with plenty of features including a pedal, black in colour. The Pacifica 012 electric guitar is furnished in glossy black and so as the pedal. Yamaha is very much known for its great quality of tune and stands perfectly for some heavy duties too.

Overall Construction:

It has a rock-solid agathis body furnished in complete black and bolt-on maple neck is connected. It is not so heavy and measures only 648mm length. The fine fingerboard is of rosewood and measures 350mm radius. The bridge runs through the body and it has six saddles for adjustment and it makes easy to fix and get the right notes desired. Two single-coil pickups and one humbucker pickup are added along with a master volume control and a master tone control. The ultimate 5-way selector switch for pickup is absolutely rends the support to players to choose the classic-style sounds in between the regular notes becomes easier. This model is designed with Chrome tuners and chrome tremolo hardware.

A Pedal Combo:

This pedal can be named otherwise as a multi effect processor which is designed under the thought where the players from all the level can make use of this pedal. This provides a mixture of mostly used effects starting from compressor, distortion, simulation for both the speaker and the amp, reverberation and it continues one by one. Creating our own tones and storing them are at our finger touch since the user interface is easy to understand and operate. We have built-in tuner and a noise gate to boldly name this a perfect all-rounder.

Pacifica 012 Specifications

Manufacturer Yamaha
Model Name Yamaha Pacifica 012 Electric Guitar, Pedal Pack
Guitar Type Electric Guitar
Colour available in many colours
Scale length 648mm
Pedal Dimensions (L x W x H) 255 x 160 x 60 mm
Body Agathis body
Finger board Rosewood
Bridge Vintage type vibrato, 6 adjustable saddles
Neck Bolt-on Maple
Frets 22
Strings 6, full size
Tuners Chrome tuners
Pickup guard Black
Pickup Configuration H-S-S
Pickups Two single-coil pickups and One humbucker pickup
Hardware Chrome Tremolo
Controls 1 master volume
1 master tone
5- way pickup selector switch
Pedal Included Black, weighs 930g (excluding AC adaptor)

Encore EBP-E69CR Electric Guitar

Guitars are the fashionable and modernized musical instruments where youngsters are attracted and pulled up easily close to it. There lies a common reason for a youngster to all of a sudden think of getting a guitar of their own such as his or her favourite lime light personalities start babbling about the new guitar they have just got. Whatever may be the thought, here comes one more blaster series from the trusted brand, Encore. Encore is a familiar brand for more than twenty years of the musical instruments industry, especially guitars and also a leading brand in the UK market. The Encore EBP-E69CR model is a full sized guitar for serious and sincere thought learners. The design on the very sight tells us how keen they have absorbed the upcoming models in the musical instruments’ industry. We will discuss the quality and how the manufacturers have skillfully managed to build a solid guitar in the budget tag without compromising on quality.

Body and Finishing:

This electric guitar is constructed by a double cutaway SG style body design which looks so much traditional, cherry with a black pickup guard and a complete black. The overall construction of the guitar assures us only for not so heavy uses in the durable front. Yet it is solid and much durable to maximum extend of the expectation. It is a light weight series where an amateur can comfortably hold and play. The body of the guitar is basswood and it is a full length guitar measures 630mm. It is a 6 strings electric guitar and dual humbucker pickups contribute its sound. The strings are lighter and it is very much easy for the young ones to play and slim neck is one more plus added to this for easy holding. The bolt-on maple neck connects the body and the fingerboard. The fingerboard is of rosewood with regular pearl dot inlays and 22 medium frets. The tune-o-matic bridge is fixed through the body brings out good stability while playing. The pickup guard otherwise known as scratch plate is assembled out of two-ply plastic and coloured black on matte finish white.

Control Features:

The three-way selector switch is fixed besides the two volume controls and two tune controls. This Encore EBP-E69CR model’s tuners are die-cast guitar tech chrome tuners. Two humbucker pickups come as compliment feature for the guitar stability and sound quality. The hardware part of this guitar is chrome which is regular and convenient feature. BB blaster guitar amplifier, the 10watt amplifier gives us the real taste of how guitar sounds.

Box Contents:

This box contains Encore EBP-E69CR electric guitar, a bag for tuner, 10 watt practice guitar amplifier, a guitar stand, a guitar lead, a guitar strap, training tutorial DVD and additional set of strings with plectrum.


The E69CR kit is a wonderful choice of electric guitar with lots of features connected to this. Not every guitar sounds the just the same despite being made of same material. Yet we like to prefer the best out of each and every model we come across. Here, we can say that Encore has clear intention on every single part of the guitar to look and work on great quality.

Technical Specification Details of Encore EBP-E69CR

Manufacturer Encore
Series EBP
Model Number EBP-E69CR
Finishes available Gloss Black and Cherry Red
Scale Length 630mm
Body Basswood
Finger board Rosewood
Bridge Tune-o-matic bridge
Neck Bolt-on Maple
Frets 22 medium
Strings 6, full size
Tuners Chrome tuners
Stop bar & Tail piece Yes
Scratchplate Three ply scratchplate
Pickups  2 x Guitar humbucker pickups
Hardware Chrome
Controls 2 x Volume
2 x Tone
3- way pickup selector switch
Weight 5 Kg (guitar alone)

Jaxville Demon ST Style Electric Guitar Review

Guitar is one of the fascinating and trendy musical instruments among youngsters those who are exposed to music and have some aesthetic touch towards modern music. Jaxville has launched one more electric guitar in the customer series. Jaxville has unique quality of launching various ranges in custom series guitars comparatively with unbelievable price and the sound quality is most promising. It will be a perfect choice for beginners who want to get a mastery over guitars.


It is again proven that Jaxville is really design conscious where every single part is designed with keen attention. Thus the look is alluring and well furnished to every detail where catching the eyes is guaranteed. The outlook of Jaxville Demon ST Style Electric guitar is unique in every sense. A black furnished body on which rich red is carved like a modern art. A black scratch plate and the same colour headstock enhance the complete look of the guitar. The Stratocaster type guitars usually fall under regular design but this will give you a stand out experience from the crowd with specially designed look. The body construction is made of basswood; maple is used for constructing maple and fingerboard is of rosewood.


The fret board or the finger board is made of rosewood which is very much solid for rock-style performance. This Jaxville Demon ST Style Electric Guitar has been given 22 numbers of frets and the pickup configuration is S-S-S. This model is designed for those who are right-hand dominants. Six strings are well equipped with the 10ft black guitar lead and there is an adjustable black webbing strap. All the electric guitars function just the same but the quality of sound may differ significantly according to the shape of each guitar. Jaxville try to normalize and get it shaped in the right way for all its guitars. The strings are really good because we experience very minimum amount of pain at the tip of our fingers while playing the high notes on the neck. The strings are very smooth and easy to press and hold down too. The 5-way selector switch is present and this is a traditional feature and traditional volume control, tone controls and adjustable bridge too.


Jaxville Demon ST Style electric guitar is truly recommendable for beginners. Those who are going to select a guitar for learning can have a perfect choice by selecting this model for many reasons such sound quality, comfortable designing of the entire shape of the guitar and the affordable price label too.

Jaxville Demon ST Style Electric Guitar – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Jaxville
Guitar Name Jaxville Demon ST Style Guitar
Guitar type Electric
Sub Type Stratocaster
Construction Bolt-On
Body Basswood
Neck Maple
Pickups S-S-S
Frets 22
Fret board Rosewood
Hardware Chrome
Controls 1 Volume, 2 Tone and 5 way pickup selector switch
Features Comfortable design,
Best for beginners,
Good sound quality
Warranty One year

Fender Jim Adkins JA-90 Electric Guitar

The guitars have drawn the attention of many youngsters by some of their popular and favourite bands. As there are many brands and different types of guitars playing various sounds, it is important to find the music one wants to play before trying out different instruments. For the advanced and professional players, this review is about the Fender Jim Adkins JA-90 Thinline Telecaster which is the result of Jim Adkins and Jimmy Eat World along with Fender joining together and keenly designing a model carefully noting each and every aspect thus coming up with the JA-90, trendy and a sleek model.


The Fender Jim Adkins JA-90 is a new model that has been recreated from the old Fender TC-90 which is improved in every single detail as a result is this Telecaster’s unique features and design. This model has pretty much gained the attention by its sound quality and bold attitude.

Design Aspect of JA-90:

The Fender JA-90 Thinline Telecaster has a semi-hollow shaped ash body in a neat finish. The modern ‘C’ shape neck of mahogany material adds to the whole look of the guitar. The fret board is made up of the material rosewood. The bridge is styled of vintage adjusto-matic with the tailpiece anchored. The headstock is painted matching and goes well with the body colour as well as bears the signature of Jim Adkins behind the headstock. Further the straps are over sized and the graphite nut creating a cool look.

About Frets and Pickups:

The Fret board being of rosewood material has the radius of about 9.5″ (24.1 cm). This guitar has 22 no. of frets each of size medium jumbo while the position inlays of white pearloid dot. The pickup configuration is of JA-90 is S/S and has two soap bar pickups, the neck and the bridge. The neck pickup is Seymour Duncan SP90-1NRWRP Vintage P-90 and Seymour Duncan SP90-3B Vintage P-90 Bridge Pickup.

Features of JA-90 Thinline Telecaster:

This model has some worth noting adjustments as the upper cutaway is re-modelled by bringing the telecaster into body style. The large chamber provides enough room for open sound. The matching painted headstock, black plastic parts and the neat glossy finish boosts the features of this telecaster. The scale length is of 25.5″ while the nut has a width about 1.650″. The tuners are cast sealed and the controls include 2 x Tone, 2 x Volume and a 3-way pickup selector.

Controls and Switching:

The controls of this guitar are volume and tune controls. Volume 1 is the neck pickup while the volume 2 is of the bridge pickup. Similarly tone 1 and tone 2 are of the neck and bridge pickups. The 3- position toggle switching is provided for controlling the pickups wherein the position 1 is for the bridge pickup, position 2 for the bridge and the neck pickup while the third position is for the neck pickup. This guitar’s hardware is made of chrome.

Sound Quality:

The quality of sound is quite convincing though not many variety of tones are available. This Fender JA-90 is sure to satisfy all by delivering good sound. It is commendable when plugged with any amp. Handling the Telecaster is easy and does its job well.

Colour and Finish:

The Fender Jim Adkins Thinline JA-90 comes in bright crimson (0262350538), ebony (0262350539) and natural (0262350521) transparent finish. The body has a neat and glossy finish of urethane bringing a satisfaction for the player playing this instrument.

Warranty Details:

Fender gives the Thinline JA-90 a warranty period of 1 year from the original date of purchase which is purchased from any authorized dealer of Fenders. Validation of the warranty is applicable only under proper proof of the sales receipt.

In a Brief View:

The Fender Jim Adkins JA-90 Thinline Telecaster is a guitar with good features which is much better than the older version. The design and finish is cool for a guitar of the price it is available. One of the disappointing things is that the Fender Telecaster does not carry any case to store it safe. Otherwise as for the reliability and life it does not let any player down.

Fender Jim Adkins JA-90 Electric Guitar – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Fender
Guitar Name Jim Adkins JA-90 Telecaster® Thinline
Series Artist series
Available colours Crimson Red Transparent (026-2350-538)
Ebony Transparent (026-2350-539)
Natural (026-2350-521)
No of strings 6
Body Construction Semi-Hollow Ash, Telecaster
Body Finish Urethane finish
Neck material Rosewood
Fret board Rosewood
Fingerboard inlays Pearloid Dot Inlay Position Markers
No of frets 22
Fret size Medium Jumbo
Controls 3-way toggle switch
Two knobs Volume and Tone
Bridge Vintage Style Adjusto-Matic Bridge with Anchored-
No of pickups 2
Bridge Pickup Type Seymour Duncan SP90-3B Vintage P-90
Neck Pickup type Seymour Duncan SP90-1NRWRP Vintage P-90
Neck wood Mahogany
Neck Shape Modern “C” Shape
Scale 24.75″ (62.9 cm)
Nut Width 1.650” (42 mm)
Hardware Chrome
Pickup Configuration S/S
Features Reliable
Matching painted headstock
Knurled Dome Knobs
Oversized Straps
Jim Adkins Signature behind the Headstock
Accessories Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year