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JHS SBE34OFT SpongeBob ¾ Size Electric Guitar

The JHS SBE34OFT SpongeBob 3/4 size electric guitar has a single conductive coil pick up, and sports its own in built amplifier, along with the onboard speaker. All this is powered by a 9 Volt battery which is also decked on the guitar body. There is an output jack socket or connecting the instrument to [...]

Candy Rox kids 3/4 Size Pink Electric Guitar Package

Electric guitars are considered to be one of the coolest instruments among the kids. These guitars usually come in four sizes, which includes full (4/4), ¾, ½ and ¼. While the full size guitars are for the adults those are the packages that usually have most of the choices to choose from. The other three [...]

Washburn Hannah Montana 3/4 Size Electric Guitar

Washburn guitars was founded in the year 1883 and is an American guitar manufacturer. Washburn is known for many innovations in guitar building and marketing for example, it was the first guitar manufacturer to use artist endorsements and build a large-bodied acoustic guitar. The following is the review on their Hannah Montana Electric Guitar. The [...]

Encore ENC34OFT 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack

ENC34OFT – 3/4 Sized Natural Wood Classic Guitar outfit from Encore For over two and a half decades, Encore guitars have always been a great starter kit. Said that, the Encore ENC34OFT Electric Guitar is also a great starter kit for a beginner providing outstanding value. Design: The Encore ENC34OFT is a nylon classic acoustic [...]