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Encore EBP-E69CR Electric Guitar

Guitars are the fashionable and modernized musical instruments where youngsters are attracted and pulled up easily close to it. There lies a common reason for a youngster to all of a sudden think of getting a guitar of their own such as his or her favourite lime light personalities start babbling about the new guitar [...]

Encore Blaster EBP-E6 Electric Guitar

Currently, it is the budget electric guitar market that is fought out fiercely in all of the guitar industry. Most manufacturers have managed to move their manufacturing base to places such as China, Korea and Vietnam, which gives them an opportunity to offer ultra low manufacturing costs. When this is mixed with a well trained [...]

Encore PK40 Bass Guitar Blaster Pack

For over twenty five years, Encore guitars have been the number one starter brand. The Encore electric and bass guitars are totally dependable, reliable, playable and certainly very affordable. They have been UK’s best selling guitar pack for about 20 years and their recent best seller is the Encore PK40 Bass Guitar Blaster Pack. Design: [...]

Encore EBP-KC3PK Pink Electric Guitar Outfit

The Encore EBP-KC3PK is a full fledged starter kit from Encore. The entire package has anything and everything that a starter would ever need. You will not find even a single place where the quality of the guitar has been compromised. In the following review on the Encore EBP-KC3PK electric guitar, let us have a [...]

Encore EBP-KC3T Black Electric Guitar Outfit

If you are a starter, you need not worry about buying anything extra if you are having a Encore EBP-KC3T electric guitar as its package contains everything that a starter would ever need. But, having everything that is required included in the package does not mean that the quality and the playability of the guitar [...]