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Ibanez SA160FM Electric Guitar

Ibanez SA series have earned its own space in the competing market and thus assures the manufacturers to enhance the models as per the trend in the freakily growing industry. The new arrival of the SA series is SA160FM Electric Guitar. The transparent gray burst finish has brought the instrument a bold and stylish look. [...]

Ibanez GAX30 Electric Guitar Review

Ibanez is a Japanese brand of guitars that are gaining in popularity over the past years. Ibanez is probably one of the brands that make all types of guitars ranging in all prices, features and those that are best suited for the beginners as well as the advanced players. Their designers have been pouring in [...]

Ibanez RGA121H Electric Guitar Review

The RGA line of guitars have been of unchallenged standard in the line of hard and heavy rock guitars. In the following review, we will see about the Ibanez RGA 121H Electric Guitar which sports a 24- fret thin flat and fast Wizard Prestige neck, Ibanez pickups, and a Gibraltar Plus bridge. Read on, as [...]

Ibanez ICT700 Iceman Electric Guitar Review

There is no doubt in the fact that Ibanez is one of world’s leading manufacturers of guitars. Since the modern era of Ibanez started in the year 1957, they have managed to enjoy incredible success and they have continued to experiment with some edgy designs and finishes. But, they have never lost track of their [...]

Ibanez GRG170DXL Left Handed Electric Guitar

GRG170DXL Black Colour, GRG Series Left Handed Electric Guitar from Ibanez Ibanez has added yet another pearl in its string with the inclusion of the GRG170DXL Black Knight model which is plainly a left handed model. This proves to be a great model for the starters with its sharktooth inlays which provide a strong attitude [...]