Guitar is one of the fascinating and trendy musical instruments among youngsters those who are exposed to music and have some aesthetic touch towards modern music. Jaxville has launched one more electric guitar in the customer series. Jaxville has unique quality of launching various ranges in custom series guitars comparatively with unbelievable price and the sound quality is most promising. It will be a perfect choice for beginners who want to get a mastery over guitars.


It is again proven that Jaxville is really design conscious where every single part is designed with keen attention. Thus the look is alluring and well furnished to every detail where catching the eyes is guaranteed. The outlook of Jaxville Demon ST Style Electric guitar is unique in every sense. A black furnished body on which rich red is carved like a modern art. A black scratch plate and the same colour headstock enhance the complete look of the guitar. The Stratocaster type guitars usually fall under regular design but this will give you a stand out experience from the crowd with specially designed look. The body construction is made of basswood; maple is used for constructing maple and fingerboard is of rosewood.


The fret board or the finger board is made of rosewood which is very much solid for rock-style performance. This Jaxville Demon ST Style Electric Guitar has been given 22 numbers of frets and the pickup configuration is S-S-S. This model is designed for those who are right-hand dominants. Six strings are well equipped with the 10ft black guitar lead and there is an adjustable black webbing strap. All the electric guitars function just the same but the quality of sound may differ significantly according to the shape of each guitar. Jaxville try to normalize and get it shaped in the right way for all its guitars. The strings are really good because we experience very minimum amount of pain at the tip of our fingers while playing the high notes on the neck. The strings are very smooth and easy to press and hold down too. The 5-way selector switch is present and this is a traditional feature and traditional volume control, tone controls and adjustable bridge too.


Jaxville Demon ST Style electric guitar is truly recommendable for beginners. Those who are going to select a guitar for learning can have a perfect choice by selecting this model for many reasons such sound quality, comfortable designing of the entire shape of the guitar and the affordable price label too.

Jaxville Demon ST Style Electric Guitar – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Jaxville
Guitar Name Jaxville Demon ST Style Guitar
Guitar type Electric
Sub Type Stratocaster
Construction Bolt-On
Body Basswood
Neck Maple
Pickups S-S-S
Frets 22
Fret board Rosewood
Hardware Chrome
Controls 1 Volume, 2 Tone and 5 way pickup selector switch
Features Comfortable design,
Best for beginners,
Good sound quality
Warranty One year