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Yamaha Pacifica 012 Electric Guitar

Yamaha is a largest manufacturer in the field of musical instruments industry ranging from pianos, violins, brass instruments and the products list is such a lengthy one. This is an entry-level model of electric guitar which of course packed with plenty of features including a pedal, black in colour. The Pacifica 012 electric guitar is [...]

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Review

Yamaha are renowned for their quality musical instruments. Their C range of nylon classical guitars has specifications way beyond their price bracket. Having 2-ply back and sides, ultra thin finishing and player focussed design, this C range of guitars are just the perfect entry to classical guitar. In the following review, we will see about [...]

Yamaha RGX320FZ Electric Guitar Review

Yamaha RGX320FZ Electric guitar has body and a contour just like custom guitar and comes in hard edge design. The guitar has mahogany body and neck. It comes with a carved top, original hardware and Yamaha pickups and many other refinements. . It comes with die cast tuners. Tuners are non locking and come in [...]

Yamaha Pacifica PAC1511MS Electric Guitar Review

Yamaha Corp. of USA, announces release of its Mike Sterns series of guitars in Summer NAMM . Mike Sterns and Yamaha have teamed up for many years and so Yamaha has honored that association by release of this series of fine guitars. The Pacifica PAC1511MS Electric Guitar combines latest technology in acoustics with aesthetic design. [...]

Yamaha ERB070 Electric Bass Guitar Review

Yamaha ERB070 Bass Guitar With design, development and production facilities spread across the world, the group of dedicated professionals from the Yamaha guitar division have crafted fine electric guitars. With feedback from the ART studio facility in Japan, Yamaha has handcrafted acoustic instruments and have also collaborated with the greatest guitar and bass artists to [...]